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"Only With Honour"



Tuesday 24th August.

Felt quite well again. Only one trivial casualty today, a graze of a finger by bullet. The lad said he was 19 but I laughed and he confessed to being 17, and looked 16. Nice boy and so proud of his wound, which thank god was a mere scratch.


Monday 30th August.

I was awakened at 2:00am this morning by the steady beat of men marching past, and as they marched they sang in harmony this simple and plaintive air. It sounded very solemn and somehow pathetic in the dead of night. Rising and falling as it did through the perfect stillness of the night, (except for dismaltory rifle fire in the distance.) It seemed to voice the sadness which must surround so many homes just now amongst the poor of Europe.


Thursday 9th September. Le Bizet. Billet.

There is a general feeling that this place will soon be bombarded by the enemy. The civilians are gradually clearing out.

This afternoon I borrowed a bike  (my only pair of boots were being mended so I couldn't ride.) and cycled out to Williams camp but found he was at Nieppe so rode on to the MMP H.Q where he was. Found William very fit and liking his duties. He comes over to me tomorrow.

I had ordered a thresher trench coat and it arrived today. It consists an outer covering of sort of Burberry and two inner linings one oiled silk and another of sheepskin and has a belt behind. It cost £7.10s.0d which of course a ridiculous price but if it will keep one warm and dry it will be worth its price.


Thursday 16th September.

A fatal head case brought in last night, not one of our men though, Had to go through his pockets and make inventory of items and money. Very pathetic to find a photo of his wife and child, the former young and smiling and to think he was lying before you with his brains blown out while she knew it not. Such things  cause most harrowing reality to rise before ones eyes. 


*All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this blog is the sole copyright of the holder of the diaries of Reginald Hannay Fothergill (author)



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July 1915 Advert, courtesy FindmyPast Newspapers



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How do you do it???? brilliant. are you enjoying the blog entries???

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Very much so. Thanks for sharing.


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Not many viewing, probably don't know its there. shame, it is well worth a read. Even better in the whole. Having spent months with magnifying glass and frustration it is my first proper read of it.

Dave D


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