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"Only With Honour"



Sunday 22nd August.

Went to bed  in afternoon but received message to go to Lys Farm at the extreme right of our trenches, so got up feeling rotten. Found man doubled with colic, had to stretcher him back along trenches full of traverses. It necessitated lifting stretcher and I carried stretcher for a time. Retired early to bed with aspirin and high temperature and good sweat, woke at 1:00am  feeling quite well. Wonderful thing aspirin! Slept well and no casualties.


Monday 23rd August.

B-Coy trenches. At suicide corner trenches are a network of huge sandbag barricades and the Bosch trenches are only 30 feet away. here I heard our men talking to the Huns, looking through a periscope saw seven or eight of them with their heads and shoulders above the parapet laughing. They had round blue caps and some had khaki coloured ditto. They shouted in English we will send you a note - and sure enough the report of a rifle grenade rang out and into our trench dropped a note. As I was the only officer present they brought it to me and I read in English "To the opposition, we will send you some newspapers by non explosive rifle grenade, is peace in sight ? please answer " There was also an invitation  for our men to show themselves above the trenches with promise that they would not shoot, but nobody cared to risk the invitation.


How amazing is that ???


*All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this blog is the sole copyright of the holder of the diaries of Reginald Hannay Fothergill (author)


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"How amazing is that ???"


Could not agree more!

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Yes, the human element, not seen much in the recorded history of war.. How much different could it have been if the common man had stood up and said.. NO!..enough!

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