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"Only With Honour"



Saturday 7th August.

The prospects of continuing to live amicably with Jack are not very bright. The novelty of renewing our acquaintance after a break of eight years has gradually worn off and we must rely on intellect and an interchange of sympathies to keep us together. I fear we have very little in common now. I have never touched on topics of religion with him, nor have I opened up theosophical subjects.

Yesterday however, some question of the deeper truth was allowed to and he showed such antipathy to the idea of anyone wishing to question the why and wherefore of life and showed such complete satisfaction in merely desiring to live and not think, that I felt almost amazed.

He has really no true feelings of sympathy towards me. He never takes the smallest interest in the embarrassed  state  of my practice. never enquires after it. Never asks  after my relations, nearly all of whom he knows, including John (*brother) something of whose case he knows.

He is entirely wrapped up in himself and I have often thought that he merely uses us for his pleasure. I have always pandered to his wants and done nearly all the running about  in connection  with our house life. So here we are today, not on speaking terms after last night when he railed on me in a most unfriendly way over some trivial misunderstanding.


Sunday 8th August.

William is somewhere and I must try and seek him out as he has been attached to our division (*brother)(*K.E.H. Trooper 951 A. Sqdn)


"Young clothes on an elderly woman are like curry sauce on an elderly egg, they only draw attention to an obvious fact."


Tuesday 17th August.

Feel low and depressed today. For one thing I had a rotten night at the hospital I was disturbed four times to attend the injuries of the wounded. A bad abdominal case with bowels hanging out and both hands shot through, he died this morning but did not suffer as I gave plenty of morphine. Then a head case and one or two others less severe.


Thursday 19th Aug.

Major Turner, Jack and I went to Le Corney for tennis this afternoon, after tea in the garden. Had some good men's fours. Went back for dinner, and there was news, Jack has been ordered to join as MO to the 2nd Suffolk Regt 3rd Division! And I am to go to the 7th East Surrey Regiment! I had been previously warned about my appointment  but the thing was new and unexpected to Jack.




With all the expertise on this forum is there anyone who can help with the King Edwards Horse. I have been unable to find much information about them


*All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this blog is the sole copyright of the holder of the diaries of  Reginald Hannay Fothergill (author)*


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