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"Only With Honour"



Monday 26th July.

Logan turned up from St Omer. They seemed anxious for him to join a committee or board which is going into the question of "gas"In the event of him leaving I hope to be able to take his place as MO to the 6th Royal West Kent Regiment. So I returned home about lunch time to find our CO Colonel Dunn was gone!! Great consternation! I think everyone is considerably relieved to be rid of this dear old hen, always fussing and never satisfied with anyone. Major Turner has taken his place. He is young and good looking with an intellectual face. I feel almost sorry to have started to pull strings to get the regimental appointment.


Tuesday 27th July.

Frequently cases sent down here by the motor ambulance in the afternoon are kept until the following morning, where as routine the motor convoy from Baillent arrives. Such cases might just as well have continued the journey from the trenches straight to Baillent instead of being delayed by coming here, speed is everything . Why should the field ambulance be allowed to act as a blockhouse.


Wednesday 28th July.

Yesterday evening I took a stroll by myself along the banks of the river Lys. It was getting dusk and suddenly hearing a peculiar little noise in the grass, I stopped, out ran two little animals toward me. At first I thought the were hedgehogs and then Guinea pigs. Then the mother jumped onto the road and seeing me hesitated for a moment the disappeared into the undergrowth, she looked about the size of a rabbit. I picked up one of the young ones and found it was covered in beautiful soft brown hair, It was quite fierce , on putting it on the ground it made for my feet (or appeared to do so) uttering small "barks" The other youngster was particularly fierce and felt the ***** of its teeth in my finger when I tried to pick it up. I think they were young stoats, it was a pleasant episode.


Thursday 5th August.

Although apparently cheerfully and very healthy, I loathe my war like surroundings and long for peace and return home. If left to myself for any length of time in the quiet garden I found myself retrospecting at once. I throw myself into beautiful Lakeland scenery and so intense is my imagination that I am actually there , wandering about and revelling in the sound of mountain streams and the bracken and sweet scented ferns.

Jack was orderly today, so I went down to Le Corney  and had rather a nasty experience. One of our aeroplanes was circling above when the Germans fired a shrapnel at it. I never thought of any danger, until suddenly I heard a shrill whizzing sound and at once I realised that the nose of the shell was coming down! A horrible second or to passed but thank god the thing struck the tennis court about six feet from the pretty Miss L.C.T  They were all very plucky and wanted to go on, but I thought we had better stop until the aeroplane  moved away. How terrible if it had struck one of them!


Two captains died in our hospital today. Both hit through the head by snipers. God! what a lot of terrible wounds! What a hopeless state of affairs.


*Captain. Fraser. Hugh Crawford. Age 38. Royal Scots Fusiliers. Le Touret military cemetery - Captain. Mills. Teulon Lewis. Age 23. Middlesex Regiment. Cite Bonjean military cemetery.


Friday 6th August.

A shell burst in the headquarters of a regiment in the town today and did much damage. Among them two brothers and they were brought to the hospital on stretchers. The one who was more severely injured entreated his brother to look after his wife and children. He died two hours later. And now this afternoon the remaining brother has followed him. What terrible suffering there must be at home!!


*1379. Pte. Cardy. R. Royal Fusiliers. Cite Bonjean military cemetery -  49. Corp. Cardy. M. Age 26. Royal Fusiliers. Cite Bonjean military cemetery. Armentieres.


* All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this blog is the sole copyright of the holder of the diaries of Reginald Hannay Fothergill (author)






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What a moving series of entries - everything from a pleasant stroll on the Lys to tennis to attending to dying soldiers.  Thanks for posting.

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Thank you WhiteStarLine. There is plenty more to come, although I will only lucky dip days of the diary, there is only a few days that the Doctor did not make an entry either at the front, on leave, hospitalised (twice) and when wounded. I will probably get a 100 copies printed at some time.

Dave D.

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Hello WhiteStarLine, I don't know if you are aware but there are eight entries on my Blog ("Only With Honour") at the moment. I will be adding more on a regular basis if you are interested in reading more of Reggie's story.

Dave D

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