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Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof Virton-Bellevue




Von den neun Friedhöfen, die ursprünglich in diesem Gebiet existierten, ist nur noch dieser erhalten. Viele Gefallene wurden 1957 vom Volksbund umgebettet. Hier ruhen 1.288 gefallene Deutsche und 288 gefallene Franzosen sowie 28 Österreicher, 29 Italiener und 17 Russen des Ersten Weltkrieges.



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Of the nine cemeteries that originally existed in this area, only this remains. Many soldiers were relocated by the Volksbund in 1957. There are 1,288 fallen Germans and 288 fallen French, as well as 28 Austrians, 29 Italians and 17 Russians from the First World War.
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Thanks for posting.


This is a photo from this year's anniversary commemorations; the first time a German delegation had been invited.




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Still boggling my mind...."first time."


The Great War is a wonderful opportunity to show how the soldiers and people of this conflict were never enemies of each other.


Taking 100 years to realize this is mind boggling.

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