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only with honour



Monday 31st May.

De-trained St Omer at 4:00 pm, marched field ambulance for five miles to Cormette through beautiful cultivated fields. Cormette, a little hamlet nestling among trees with one large farmhouse, the chateau which was occupied by the C.O. Large rooms riddled in rat holes and nearly all the furniture removed in case of Germans. Lovely garden. roses, vines and lilac.

We are now in sound of the guns, which are continually rumbling in the distance perhaps 15 - 20 miles away. I have billet in a public house, bed looked clean but having wooden frame I decided not to risk bugs so slept on floor in valise. I had a splendid night, my men -20- were comfortable in barn, clean straw and slept well being only disturbed by rats which gnawed through some of their haversacks to get at rations.


*All material produced or reproduced here and throughout this blog is the sole copyright of the holder of the diaries of Reginald Hannay Fothergill (author)*


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