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Source: CriticalPast

British troops firing an 18 pounder field piece. A battery of 18 pounders lined up and firing near a tree line. Each gun rolls back from recoil after firing. British 18 pounder artillery firing from variety of places, including covered entrenched positions; open field positions; and camouflaged positions.

A British 127mm (60 pounder) heavy field artillery piece being fired.

British BL 6 inch 26cwt howitzers being fired.

Field artillery firing in salvos from hidden positions

. A field piece firing from a barn.

A 9.2" BL Mk1 Siege Howitzer firing.

A battery of 60pdr Mk1 Field Guns firing from behind a berm.

British 18 pounders firing in a field. A 9.2" Railway Mounted Gun firing.

A battery of British 8-inch howitzers firing.

Troops digging trenches near bodies of fallen soldiers.

Artillery troops moving field artillery by horses.

A British siege mortar firing.

Explosions in no-mans-land from artillery.

Troops taking a meal break in a trench.


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