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Unless someone can better 'In a jam with Hartley', I'm all for giving the comedy title to Jim 'Not arf Pop Pickers' Clay. biggrin.gif



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So, you weren't enthralled with "How to shave in 5 lessons - with Uncle Harters"?

Or "Uncle Harters and the Shiny New Razor"?

Not 'arf. A good title, though, fromthe exceptionally nice Mr Clay.

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Hoe about 'Dishonour before death'


sung to Oliver twist ' You've gotta slit a throat or twwwwwo you gotta slit a throat or two'

'Mad Dog Hartley'

'Hartleys War' double meaning!

Willies War'

'7th Muddies'

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Forgive me but I had to...

Murder on the Western Front.

He did it with Razors.

The Secret of Hartley.

Murder is easy for an Officer.

The Secrets of the Silver Cigarette Case.



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Personally I'd go for "Annals of the Wipers Wipper"

The now demented spirit of Wfn Clay

(communicataing thwough Jonathan Woss)

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Sir Desmond7 Blackadder, Esq


I am instructed by my client, Sir Alan "Fluff" Freeman, pop picker sans pareil, and allround good egg , to demand that you cease and desist forthwith from any further unauthorised use of my lovely client's catch-phrase, viz. "Not arf, pop pickers".

I am further instructed to inform you that my charming client will overlook this one infringement of his copyright on receipt of a signed and post-dated blank cheque made out to his esteemed counsel, viz myself. Not arf.

Yours faithfully,

Siouxsie Sue (Senior partner)

Sue, Grabbitt & Runne

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Fair nuff ... Jim Clay will henceforth be known as Jim 'Not Half' Clay.

I rest my case m'lud.

Alternatively, the monicker 'Cassius' does spring to mind .....

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Alternatively, the monicker 'Cassius' does spring to mind .....

It's bin done, mate - and any more of this and you'll be hearing from my brief. Not arf. cool.gif

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Siouxsie Sue

I used to like her. Good singer, innit.

Dead now isnt she?

Or is that wishful thinking?

Where's me razor

Uncle Harters

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