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Trouble Brewing at Badama Post



Towards the end of July 1919 the situation in the Upper Kurram Valley could best be described as quiet but tense. The peace negotiations dragged on, the tribes remained restless and Afghan troops remained in positions in close proximity to the Durand Line. On 28th and 29th July 1919 reports were coming into Parachinar that a tribal lashkar was gathering near Badama Post, with the intention of attacking the posts at Badama and Sadda or a northbound convoy from Thal to Parachinar.

Major Percy Dodd, Commandant of the Kurram Militia, took a party of 50 mounted infantry to reinforce Badama Post on 29th July. A/Sjt "Bill" Macro was sent with his No 3 Section of 22 Battery in support.  Aircraft from 20 Squadron RAF were also tasked to fly reconnaissance missions and in protection of the convoy.

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