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Policing in the Punjab

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One hundred years ago, in April 1919, the Punjab was in flames.  Following the Amritsar massacre on 13 April, trouble had spread throughout Punjab. Railway lines were cut, telegraph posts destroyed, government buildings burnt and Europeans murdered. The British declared Martial Law on 15 April. When exactly 22nd Battery Motor Machine Gun Service became involved in policing operations is not clear - but they were involved by 19 April.  In evidence given to the Disorders Inquiry Committee, more widely known as the Hunter Commission, Captain J. A. S. Ewing, of the 19th Lancers, states 'Mobile column composed of half squadron 19th Lancers, two sections Motor Machine Gun Battery, under command of Major Maloney [sic], left Wazirabad for Lyallpur.’ The patrols appear to have been effective because the following day Ewing reports ‘Motor Machine Gun Battery proceeded to Jaranwala to make arrests there, and arrested 12 men.’  Although only two sections are mentioned it seems likely the whole battery were involved so this would have included No 3 Section, which now was under the command of A/Sjt Ernest Macro.


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