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Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm

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Thursday 2nd January 1919 - Awake with a bump, breakfast and bad news.

Sgt Thomas William Chisholm


Thursday 2nd January 1919


I was just semi conscious when I was rudely awakened by a bump from under my hammock, and I found myself in the arms of three marines, who could hardly keep hold of me for laughing, they said that was the way they treated all sleepy heads in the navy but they allowed the culprit tom fall onto the deck, so they put me down.

I proceeded to dress and get ready for breakfast which consisted of real bacon, real eggs and we had not seen an egg for nearly nine months, so it was quite a new thing to us, but first came a whacking big plate of porridge with plenty of milk and it made one really feel that after all it was good to be alive.

We travelled all day until about 10pm when we arrived in the dock at Copenhagen, where we left the ship, much against our wish, but the Commander said that his orders had to be obeyed and they were that we had to be left in Denmark for a short while. So we were put on board a train and moved off in the darkness to our new billets a few miles away.

The trains were of the double decker type, and whenever we came to a tunnel it seemed that the train must knock off it’s top before it would be able to get through, but we got to the camp without such a mishap, somewhere about 12:30am, and were just put into bunks by Danish soldiers, anyhow, until the following morning, when we were sorted out and put into proper squads necessary for administration.

This ended our Prisoner of War life and after a month in Denmark we were returned to England to eventually be demobbed and what?


Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm (POW),
The Northumberland Fusiliers

5th Battalion, B Company




Lager 3A, Barrack 126,

Lager 5
Lamsdorf O/Sch., Germany.


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