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Remembered Today:

Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm

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Tuesday 31st December 1918 - New Order but someone has to stay behind.

Sgt Thomas William Chisholm



Tuesday 31st December 1918


The day begins as usual, and still we wait.

In the evening orders are issued that all officers, NCO’s and men will parade outside the orderly room at 2pm tomorrow dressed ready for marching off, greatcoat and one blanket over the arm

I might say that all men were ready before the appointed time, and when we did parade and were just about to march off it was found that there was one man to be left in the camp. That one man was our Serbian friend who had been so useful to us since his arrival. We pleaded with our officers to allow him to come back with us, but we were informed that if we did take him, he would not be allowed to land in England, and would only have to come back again and then as things were just mow, he was nearer his own country and no doubt the Germans would see to his comfort alright..


Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm (POW),
The Northumberland Fusiliers

5th Battalion, B Company




Lager 3A, Barrack 126,

Lager 5
Lamsdorf O/Sch., Germany.



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