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Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm

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Monday 15th December 1918 - A canteen and poorly fed kids.

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Sgt Thomas William Chisholm


Sunday 15th December 1918






Today after a short parade and inspection by our C.O. we were dismissed and just wandered about the camp as we pleased. Our path took us into a German canteen which by appearances was used by all and sundry, as included in its customers were a few children, poorly fed, and poorly clad. They were really in a very poor state altogether, which only went to show once more the ravages of war on the younger generations.

It must take a long time to make things up to pre-war standards again.

Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm (POW),
The Northumberland Fusiliers

5th Battalion, B Company




Lager 3A, Barrack 126,

Lager 5
Lamsdorf O/Sch., Germany.



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