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Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm

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Wednesday 11th December 1918 Lamsdorf POW a new battalion and new huts.

Sgt Thomas William Chisholm



Wednesday 11th December 1918

Early this morning the Major from the RhD comes on first parade and proceeded to organize our troops into some sort of composite battalion, and is very successful.   He arranged that, to save the removal of any of our belongings, that each two huts should form one Company, irrespective as to what Regiment a man belonged to.  

So here we are another step forward to better times, also with a much better supply of good food, things where looking more rosy.  

Another surprise came to us in the afternoon, for soon after dinner, we were ordered to fall in by Companies with all our belongings, in readiness to move. Sure enough by 3.30pm we were vacating the old huts for proper barracks in Lager 5.

On arrival there, we were put into good huts, with the men in the large part, and Sgt’s in the cubicles at the further end. They were furnished with about 8 bunks, a large stove, chairs and a table which made these places more like a palace, compared with what we had just left.

With this move, we felt like we were actually out of German hands and management, and that we were absolutely under British rule and more, and we had a great sing song that night before going to bed.



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