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Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm

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7th December 1918 Lamsdorf POW camp, an inspection and promises.

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Sgt Thomas William Chisholm


Saturday 7th December 1918

Another two Romanians are brought back into camp this morning.

The Medical Officer, who had come to the camp, has been busy trying to get better living quarters for us and the first stage takes place today at 10.00am. He arrives at the compound in the company of a number of high officials to inspect the camp in general, and they went through every hut. On coming to the last one, the Chief was overheard to remark “It’s amazing, I don’t know how the poor fellows have lived so long in these huts. I will see what can be done to have them removed to a better place as soon as I get back to Berlin, in fact, I will send a wire”.

In one part of this last hut, the side is bulging in and moisture is running through. It is from the latrine just outside, about 6 feet away from the window. As no proper places had been built, what was done, was to dig a large hole 12 feet long by 8 feet across, and 10 to 15 feet deep. Across the top of this hole length ways, were placed four planks of wood to act as seating, where we were obliged to go to do any business needed. Eventually these sumps becoming so full, that the earth between not being strong enough to withhold the strain, it took the least line of resistance, and found its way into the huts, and the smelling being so foul, it was almost impossible to live there.

This afternoon it was reported that the Italian prisoners were catching the rats, and eating them as they were so hungry.      

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