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Ch 49




"One thing about Hartley you have to remember," said Tom Morgan. "He's been trying to live up to his father since he was a boy. He wasn't doing a very good job of it until this bloody mess started but now they tell me he's got the MC and three pips."

Morgan spat into the darkness again and patted his pockets.

"Any baccy?" he growled at McCallion.

"Naw, just fags," said Willie.

"Give us a gasper then," ordered Morgan. McCallion watched as he broke up the proffered woodbine and jammed the fragrant virginia leaf into the bowl of the pipe.

Morgan lit up, puffed until the embers met his satisfaction and leaned back against the shattered altar.

"Hartley doesn't give a damn about you, me, the war or anything else. He's a cold fish, and that's a nice name for him. If we were back in civvy street he wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire."

Willie McCallion shrugged: "So what? Most of the f..king officers in the army are trying to prove themselves. "

Morgan sighed: "Look lad. I'm just letting you know that Hartley isn't just like some of these boy officers who reckon they can win themselves a VC. Just to let you know that it might be the easy thing to walk away now and save yourself a pile of trouble."

Willie McCallion stood up and stretched his legs. He was fed up with the 'old soldier' ramblings.

"Morgan, cut out the blethering. What's the f..king big secret and where do I find it?" he said, firmly.

The pipe smoking servant smiled: "You find a way to get Hartley's fancy fag box away from him and take a look inside. He keeps his souvenirs in it, stuff from the ladies. Sleeps with it, he does. Young Hollinger says you reckon your brother and Hartley might have had a barney over a girl while they were out in no-man's land?

Happen you might find the reason for that row in the fag box?"


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Tom Morgan...Tom Morgan...

I'm sure I've heard that name in connection with Great War books.

Did he write "A Gasper at Hellfire Corner"?

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