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Those of you that have following my blogs, will already know that my 2 x great grand father, John Edwin Barnes sadly died at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915.


Earlier this year I was able to visit the National Arboretum in Staffordshire which holds over 300 memorials to those that have sadly been lost in conflict and civilian life. It is a very humbling experience and a place for contemplation and reflection.


If you have not visited before, then I urge to make a visit to pay your respects to those that are remembered here, for many different reasons, whether in Conflict or civilian duty. There is a comfort to be taken from remembering those lives lost here and marked in various ways by the memorials and paying your own respect to the fallen.



If you get the opportunity to visit the National Arboretum to pay your respects, it is a worthwhile visit and day out.








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It's true it's a wonderful place to visit and the memorials are all very thoughtful (although I personally didn't much care for the Gallipoli one).  I have a friend commemorated on the big main memorial (the one everyone sees on tv).  


I recently found out they have a piece of original bridge from the Burmese railway in the arboretum.  One of my (distant) rellies died there so we shall visit again as we go to the GWF conference in April 2018.


A word of warning though!  Anyone contemplating a trip there, don't think it'll take half an hour to go round, this place is huge and interesting.  Please allow at least 2/3 hours - it really is worthwhile.

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Thank you for the photographs; to me, a taste of things to come
I have not been to the NMA before, but hope to correct that in a few weeks time on 5th November when the Gallipoli Association plan to make a visit the day after their annual conference



Thanks again


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Thank you both for your comments. As stated above it's at least a half day visit, if not a full day. I spent the whole day there, as there was a lot I wanted to see and photograph. I was surprised at the amount of civilian memorials there, when I say civilian I mean non forces i.e Police, St.John's etc. It's a good day out in the sense of paying ones respects, I am sure you will enjoy your visit Michael. The Gallipoli memorial was obviously of significance to me as my great grand father sadly lost his life there.



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