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Durham RGA - Siege Batteries



The Royal Naval dominance of the North Sea reduced the German threat on the coast and the requirement for coastal artillery. This coincided with increased demand for heavy artillery for the Western Front, and skilled RGA gunners to man those guns. Consequently RGA gunners from the coastal batteries were formed into siege batteries for deployment overseas.

The coastal units would also provide the basis for training and the raising of future RGA Batteries.

The following Siege Batteries were formed from Durham RGA (TF) personnel and or / at Hartelpool:

Sources: Fredericks Lineage vol 2 page 702 to 708 / Siege Battery 94 1914-1918 / The Hartlepool Gunners 190 Siege Battery / GWF Forum: kevroww /

  • 41 Siege Battery - formed 2nd July 1915. Half of the Battery were regulars from the Hong Kong and Singapore RGA, half Territorials from Durham RGA. The Battery was equipped with 6 in Howitzers and deployed to France 9th December 1915.

  • 94 Siege Battery - formed 16th December 1915 at Tynemouth. Personnel 40 % New Army / Regulars from Tynemouth RGA & 60% Durham RGA. Deployed to France April 1916 with 4 x 0.2in Howitzers

  • 149 Siege Battery - formed 22nd May 1915 with a nucleus of details form Durham RGA. and equipped with 6inch Howitzer (26 cwt)

  • 190 Siege Battery - formed 13th July 1916 at Hartlepool. The Battery history records that the gunners were mainly from the Durham RGA, the signallers joined the Battery at Bexhill. They were equipped with 6 inch Howitzers (26 cwt) and sailed to France 13th November 1916.

  • 230 Siege Battery - formed 12th August 1916 and equipped with 4 x 6 inch Howitzers (26 cwt)

  • 253 Siege Battery - formed 13th September 1916 and equipped with 4 x 6 inch Howitzers (26 cwt)

  • 265 Siege Battery - 28 Sept 1916 and equipped with 4 x 9.2 Howitzers

  • 295 Siege Battery - formed 1st November 1916 and equipped with 4 x 6 inch Howitzers (26 cwt)

  • 313 Siege Battery - formed 12th December 1916 and equipped with 4 x 8 inch Howitzers

  • 357 Siege Battery - formed 21st January 1917 and equipped with 4 x 8 inch Hows (armed on arrival in France)

  • 400 Siege Battery - formed 19th April 1917 Personnel only to France, one section to 270 SB, one section to 290 SB

An extract of the Durham RGA from Soldiers Who Died in the Great War shoes the variety of units to which the Durham Gunners were posted (excludes the 142nd Heavy Battery RGA which was formed from the Heavy battery of the Durham RGA).

Surname Inititials Rank Unit

Morgan J Gnr 116th Heavy Bty.

Dodd R Gnr 11th Siege Bty.

Davidson ADB Gnr 123rd Siege Bty.

Wallace JW Gnr 131st Heavy Bty.

Allsopp AE Gnr 133rd Heavy Bty.

Langley LJ Gnr 140th Siege Bty.

Harrison A Gnr 160th Siege Bty.

Taylor W Gnr 183rd Siege Bty.

Ross TW L/Bdr 202nd Siege Bty.

Liddell J Gnr 215th Siege Bty

Beedle FW L/Bdr 21st (Forth) Fire Command

Stephens R Cpl 229th Seige Bty.

Anderson HH Bdr 22nd Anti-Aircraft Coy.

Drage A Gnr 234th Siege Bty

Swan F Gnr 234th Siege Bty.

Welford J Gnr 239th Siege Bty.

Bray E Gnr 245th Siege Bty.

Cooper T Gnr 265th Siege Bty.

Wilson R L/Bdr 26th Heavy Bty.

Lynch H Gnr 270th Siege Bty.

Banks RC Gnr 284th Siege Bty.

Hollings P Sgt 286th Siege Bty.

Palmer JE Gnr 286th Siege Bty.

Street HJ Gnr 286th Siege Bty.

Claridge HJ Gnr 289th Siege Bty.

Smith HF Gnr 290th Siege Bty.

Proctor FJ 2nd/1st North Midland (Staffs.) Heavy Bty.

Holdsworth R Gnr 321st Siege Bty.

Hutchinson W Cpl 326th Siege Bty.

Gayler H Gnr 327th Siege Bty.

Hartley CE Bdr 332nd Siege Bty.

Ward A Gnr 351st Siege Bty.

Forsyth J L/Bdr 355th Siege Bty.

Hampton F Gnr 38th (Welsh) Heavy Bty.

Stephens GEW Gnr 38th (Welsh) Heavy Bty.

Aiston J Gnr 3rd Siege Bty.

Frankland JP Gnr 41st (Durham) Siege Bty.

Henderson JH Gnr 41st (Durham) Siege Bty.

Lee TW Gnr 41st (Durham) Siege Bty.

Sweeting J Gnr 41st (Durham) Siege Bty.

Broughton B Cpl 41st Siege Bty.

Clementson RS Gnr 41st Siege Bty.

O'Boyle J Gnr 41st Siege Bty.

Purchas AO A/Bdr 47th Heavy Artillery Group

Busfield S Gnr 48th Bty.

Bristow H Gnr 51st Siege Bty.

Jensen HW Cpl 94th (Durham) Siege Bty.

Barr JW Gnr 94th Siege Bty.

Eltringham T Gnr 94th Siege Bty.

Flewker H Gnr 94th Siege Bty.

Mayes E Gnr Whl 94th Siege Bty.

Hill N Gnr attd. "V" Heavy T.M. Bty.

Agar JR Gnr Durham Bde.

Horsley JW Gnr Durham Bde.

Houston WS Gnr Durham Bde.

Middlemass JG Gnr RGA

Spence R Gunner RGA

Diver F Gnr RGA


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I think you could also add 337671 Shadforth Albert originally Durham TF and subsequent serving with 94SB and 293 SB

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