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Diary Transcription Complete



It's taken 5 months working weekends and evenings as family and other commitments have allowed but I have finally finished transcribing the 801st M.T. Company A.S.C. war diary. There are some place names, soldiers names and text that I am uncertain of, largely due to blurred images and poor handwriting, a difficult combination. As I progressed I have been posting questions and interesting information in a thread that can be viewed in the 'Salonika and the Balkans' sub forum, a very useful exercise that I still have still to complete, watch out for more posts. There follows now a period of analysis, how many men were in the unit what happened to them, what vehicles did they have, where was the unit at different times and so on. Finally I hope to put the story into a book for family and freinds but more of that later.


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