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Artillery of the Great War - Landships



Excellent site which has detailed information on Artillery of the Great War

This site is dedicated to World War One Military Hardware. And to the Modelling of this stuff. Landships

Even a forum with a dedicated section on Artillery Landships WW1 Forum Artillery

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Artillery of the The Great War

British Guns

13-pdr QF Field Gun

18 pdr QF Field Gun

4.5inch QF Howitzer

60-Pounder BL Mk I Field Gun

6inch 26cwt Howitzer

BL 6inch 30cwt Howitzer

8inch Howitzer Mk VI-VIII

9.2inch Mark I Howitzer

B.L. 15inch Siege Howitzer Mk.1

Newton 6-inch Mortar

Stokes Mortar

3.7inch Mountain Gun

13pdr AA Gun on Lorry


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