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From: War Horse 'David' 107th Battery RFA



from my copy of the RA War Commemoration book. RgdsPaul

Source: War Horse 'David' 107th Battery RFA


This grand old soldier served throuhout the Boer War, then from Mons to the Armistice - a true "War Horse"

David was one of the many horses which that served the Royal Regiment, a reminder that Artillery during this period was reliant on the horse as the prime mover. The Royal Field and Royal Horse artillery were totally dependant on horse transport, and whilst traction engines became available to the RGA, there were still many horses required for the Heavy Bateries.

A few interesting links on Horses in World War One:

The Horse Trust Sets The Record Straight On 21st Century War Horses

The Horse and the War by Captain Sidney Galtrey

In 1914 the Divisional Artilley required 3,804 horses to perform it;s role, this included those with the gun brigades, heavy battery, divisional ammunition colum, and the arttilley contingent at the divisional head quarters,

I have not seen the film War Horse, however from the trailers it seems it shows the charge of cavalry, a rare event from my understanding. For the horses of the Royal Field Artillery, the vital task of moving the guns, the never ending task of ammunition supply, and the threat of shelling when at rest in the wagon lines showed they, to my mind, were the true War Horses of World War 1.

David served with 107th Battery, part of 23 Brigade Royal Field Artillery, which served in the 3rd Divsion.

From the Long Long Trail 3rd Division in 1914-1918 shows David had an impressive war record from the retreat at Mons to the occupation of Germany.

Mons / Le Cateau / Marne / Aisne / 1st Ypres / Somme / Arras / Cambrai / Spring Offensive

If Spielberg made a film about this chap it would keep the Film industry going for years.

Source:Long Long Trail The history of 3rd Division


The Battle of Mons and the subsequent retreat, including the the Rearguard action of Solesmes

The Battle of Le Cateau

The Battle of the Marne

The Battle of the Aisne including participation in the Actions on the Aisne heights

The Battles of La Bassee and Messines 1914

First Battle of Ypres


Winter Operations 1914-15

The First Attack on Bellewaarde

The Actions of Hooge

The Second Attack on Bellewaarde (in support of the opening attack in the Battle of Loos)


The Actions of the Bluff and St Eloi Craters (local operations 1916)

The Battle of Albert*

The Battle of Bazentin* in which the Division helped capture Longueval

The Battle of Delville Wood*

The Battle of the Ancre*

The battles marked * are phases of the Battles of the Somme 1916


The First Battle of the Scarpe**

The Second Battle of the Scarpe**

The Battle of Arleux**

The Third Battle of the Scarpe** in which the Division helped capture Roeux

The battles marked ** are phases of the Battles of Arras 1917

The Battle of the Menin Road***

The Battle of Polygon Wood***

The battles marked *** are phases of the Third Battle of Ypres

The Battle of Cambrai 1917


The Battle of St Quentin****

The Battle of Bapaume****

The First Battle of Arras 1918****

The battles marked **** are phases of the First Battles of the Somme 1918

The Battle of Estaires+

The Battle of Hazebrouck+

The Battle of Bethune+

The battles marked + are phases of the Battles of the Lys

The Battle of Albert++

The Second Battle of Bapaume++

The battles marked ++ are phases of the Second Battles of the Somme 1918

The Battle of the Canal du Nord^

The Battle of Cambrai 1918^

The battles marked ^ are phases of the Battles of the Hindenburg Line

The Battle of the Selle

The Division was selected to advance into Germany and form part of the Occupation Force.


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