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Ammunition Supply of a Division





The Captain in the wagon lines was responsible either from direct observation of ammo states or comminication from the Gun line to send wagons forward to replenish the Guns.

Brigade Ammunition Columns (BAC)

Brigade Ammunition Column commanders were responsible for establishingcommunications with the Batteries.

An NCO from the BAC was sent ot the Artillery Brigade HQ for the purposes of"intercommunications"

The BAC commander would appoint and orderly and a mounted guide for eachBattery / Infantry Brigade

On receipt of an order from the Battery the BAC would send wagons forward -preferably under command of an Officer.

Indents to ammunition columns were not required. Officer handing over wouldprepare a receipt; Officer receiving would sign for the ammunition.

Ammunition accounting for the number of rounds fired wasthe responsibility of the Battery.

Divisional Artillery Columns (DAC)

The Divisional Artillery Column was responsible forammunition replenishments within the limits laid down by the DivisionalArtillery Commander. Presumably this would originate in the Operation Order.

The DAC commander was responsible for establishingcommunications forward to the Brigade Ammunition Columns.

The DAC would establish refilling points as order by DivisionalHQ.

Each section commander within the DAC would send anorderly to each BAC to establish communications

Divisional Ammunition Parks

Divisional Ammunition Parks and ammo supply on the Linesof Communion Points were the responsibility of the Inspector General Lines of Communicationunder direction of GHQ.

The Divisional Ammunition Parks were to establishReplenishment Points (RV) for DAC re-supply.

From the Ammo Parks, sections were to be sent forward tothe Replenishment Points.

The commander of the DAC was responsible for regulatingthe amount of ammunition going forward from the Ammunition Park to the DAC.

Ammunition required to replenish Ammunition Parks will bedemanded by the Ammunition Park Commander through HQ Inspector General ofCommunications.

HQ Inspector General of Communications was responsiblefor filling the Ammunition Parks and movement of ammunition to the parks byrail.

As the Divisional Ammunition Parks were theresponsibility of the Army Ordnance Corps, an Artillery Officer was allotted toa park who was responsible for ensuring ammunition moving forward was of thecorrect nature.


Source: Supply of ammunition


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