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From: Lt Campbell Joseph O'Connor Kelly, OBE, GM, MC, MM



Interesting research from corisande and usual meticulous detail from Dick Flory

WW1 --> Military Medal - Commissioned - Military Cross - Croix de Guerre

Ireland 1920's --> Served as an intelligence officer and was on an IRA hit list - OBE

Post War --> Spell as an adjutant in Portsmouth - seconded to the TA - court martial ed and dismissed from the service in 1928

WW2 --> George Medal in the ARP

and....... a spot of bigamy !!!! Wife and Bar

Web Site: Web Site: Campbell Joseph O'Connor Kelly OBE GM MC MM

Clearly a Gunner whose professionalism and conduct in an operational sitaution was in the highest traditions of the Royal Regiment. He appears to have had problems when not in action.

Still a problem Combat Stress

Campbell Joseph O'Connor Kelly (the Army List shows him as 'Campbell Kelly' through January 1928)

Born on 21 Sept 1892

MM London Gazette, 12 Dec 1917, as a Sergeant, RGA

In the ranks for seven years and 47 days

Served in France and Flanders from October 1916 to June 1918

Commissioned 2nd Lieut, RGA on 7 Jan 18

Served with 185th Siege Battery, RGA

MC, London Gazette 24 Sep 1918 as a 2nd Lieut., RGA: 'For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. While out with a patrol he encountered a strong hostile party, who bombed him, but by using his revolver he succeeded in getting away and bringing back information. Again he did excellent work with a party of gunners, with rifles, in holding up the enemy while the guns were being withdrawn. He frequently returned to the battery under heavy fire to obtain further supplies of ammunition, though at the time he was suffering from the effects of gas.'

Croix de Guerre, London Gazette 7 Jan 1919 as 2nd Lieut, RGA

Also received the BWM and VM and was once wounded.

Lieut, RGA, 7 July 1919

From 1 May 1919 to 20 May 1922 he held a special appointment with the Intelligence Division, Irish Command, and was responsible for interrogating members of the Irish Republican Army. Became a major target for the IRA (see On Another Man's Wound.

OBE,London Gazette, 1 Jan 1923 as Lieut, RGA for services in Ireland

Adjutant, Portsmouth Docks, RA from 3 Feb 1923 to 10 Jan 1926

Temp. Captain, 11 Jan 1926

Adjutant, Glamorgan, Heavy Brigade, RA, TA from 11 Jan 1926 until he was dismissed the Army, 24 July 1928

GM,London Gazette, 28 Jan 1941 as Control Officer, Works Air Defence Department, Coventry.

His medal group was sold by Sotheby's in 1973, Lusted in 1980 and Christie's in 1989.

Source: Lt Campbell Joseph O'Connor Kelly, OBE, GM, MC, MM

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the kelly family of knock and the o grady family had a lon g army tradition .george o grady ,francis o grady and their families were all in local militia in 1800s. campbells uncle edmund kelly was a Lt in 3rd garrison batallion r.i. r .and died in tunis in 1943 and his son edmund charles 2718550 was in irish guards.the name "o connor" is a mystery .It was taken by eldest son so when his eldest brother died (clifford) he took on the name. the family think that their was a long kelly army tradition in 19century . this may explain campbells fathers attempts to join at age 55 ? there was a famous o conor in the welsh guards from roscommon and the kelly family originated there.

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