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From: Viscount Alanbrooke



Alanbrooke has a outstanding reputation as a planner, his contribution during WW2 as Chief of the General Staff, and Churchill's reliance on his advice are testimony to his ability. His biography is sitting on the bookshelf - must get around to reading it.


Vicount Alanbrooke.

Many thanks to Andrew for detailing his WW1 appointments:

In 1916 Major Alan Brooke was BM RA with 18 Division. Can anyone outline his other appointments during WW1 please?

Old Tom

From Who's Who:

* 1914: N Battery RHA, Seconded Cavalry Brigade.

* Sept 1914 - commanded ammunition column (per notes in Vol. 2 of the Official History, p 484, this is presumably H Section of 2nd Indian RHA Brigade)

* Feb 1915: Adjutant, 2nd Indian RHA Brigade in 2nd Indian Cavalry Division

* Nov 1915: Brigade-Major RA 18th Division (presumably transferred when Indian divisions withdrawn?)

* Feb 1917: GSO2 RA, Canadian Corps

* Jul 1918: GSO1 RA, First Army, until end March 1919, when he went to Camberley.

Hope that helps...


Interesting that Alanbrooke was a Brigade Major and was responsible for the 18th Divisions fireplan. This was a notable sauces on the first day of the Somme, the 18th Division attacking Montauban on the left flank of XIII Corps. The Artillery contribution in which Alanbrooke played a major part. :Artillery

Counter Battery fire had destroyed many of the German gunsso there was little enemy artillery response to the British advance.

The preliminary bombardment had been effective. The Frenchheavy artillery had destroyed many German dugouts. The intensity of thepreliminary bombardment was such that the relief of the regiment manning thatsector was not possible. Many of the German soldiers were suffering fromexhaustion and shell shock. Consequently only small pockets of resistance existed;many were killed in the area of the Glatz Redoubt and Montauban. In Montaubanit’s self the only thing found alive was a fox.

He was a GSO2 RA handling Corps Artillery - I have something in common !!! However, he was never a Battery Commander, though Lt Col with 2 DSO's by the end of the war serving as a staff officer is good going.

Source: Viscount Alanbrooke

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