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Div. Artillery War Establishments



On 22/01/2010 at 17:06, Ron Clifton said:

Hello Ian

If you can get to London (and I appreciate you may not be able to do this easily) go to the National Archives at Kew and look at the following items:

WO 24/898 War establishments 1907-1912

WO 24/899 War establishments 1913-1914

WO 24/900 1-26 Amendments 1914

WO 24/901 1-50 Amendments 1915

WO 24/902 51-100 Amendments 1915

War Establishments, Part II, Territorial Force, 1911 was the version in force in August 1914 but a revised edition was issued in October. Another edition was issued in June 1915 and you should find it in WO24/902.

You may find copies of the 1990s reprint of the Territorial Year Book 1909, produced by Ray Westlake, rather easier to find. These give the Peace Establishments current at the time.

I have the following "top-level" establishments (Oct 14) in my notes, but with no finer detail:

Field Art (gun) Brigade, 3 Batts of 4 guns plus BAC: 22 officers, 603 men

Field Art (How) Brigade, 2 Batts of 4 guns plus BAC: 17 officers, 384 men

Heavy Batt of 4 guns and AC: 6 officers, 192 men. (This in fact is the same as the Regular 60-pounder battery)

Field Secrice Pocket Book 1914 does not contain separate TF establishments.

Good hunting!


Source: Territorial Force - Div. Artillery War Establishments

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