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About this blog

I've visited over 300 Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) cemeteries, and dozens of Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. (counterpart to the CWGC) cemeteries in the Western Front, and they all hold two things in common for me - they are uniquely beautiful, and they never cease to move me. It is both a profoundly disturbing and rewarding experience to be surrounded by so many souls whose lives were cut way too short, in all too often horrifying circumstances. If you never get the chance to visit these cemeteries in person, I hope your virtual-visit gives you an appreciation for the manner in which these men and women are cared for, in perpetuity by representatives of the CWGC and volunteers of the humanitarian organization Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.. This blog also contains videos of various ceremonies in Europe and Canada, with a particular emphasis on the Great War Centenary (2014-2018).  We Will Remember Them.

Entries in this blog


St. Riquier British Cemetery

0:30 Sapper S.B. Hardy
0:35 Lieutenant A. Hollingworth
0:40 Sapper Alfred Goldstein
0:50 Labourer Abing Sangma
1:35 Labourer Barsa Serem
1:50 Lance Dafadar Samundhar Khan


Abbeville Communal Cemetery

1:20 Private Robert McIntosh
2:10 Private William S. Smunders
3:15 Sapper T. Mossey
3:40 Warrant Officer II J.R. O'Leary
3:55 Flight Sergeant S.D. Banks
4:30 Flying Officer J.R. Spaetzel
4:55 Pilot J.K. Kurowski
5:05 Pilot M. Latawiec



Y Farm Military Cemetery

0:45 Private J.W. Croft
0:50 Private G.W. Shea
0:55 Private L.W. Bowman
1:00 Private J. Comrie
1:05 Private J. Theobald
1:20 J. Josef Reichart
1:25 Private A. Green
2:35 Corporal J.C. Plaskett
2:50 Private G.H. Lowe
3:15 Private Alexander McW. Skinner
3:55 Rifleman Budasing Gurung
4:35 Sepoy Hira Singh


Browns Road Military Cemetery

1:25 Private J.B. Dumais
1:30 Lieutenant F. Douglas Leach Green
1:50 Gunner J. Stephen
2:05 Private G.H. Olsen
2:40 Private F. Byford
3:15 Gunner S. Taylor
3:45 Captain R.H. Stewart


Bethune Town Cemetery

1:30 Private G. Manks
1:50 Jag. Otto Mermot
2:05 Bayer Riri Josef Strobl
2:15 Rifleman Gore Ale
2:35 Tir. Seneg. Rabar Mar
2:40 Captain Sen Cesari RAMC
2:50 Reverend John Gwynn S.J.
3:00 Soldat Joseph Flament
3:45 Lieutenant L.R. Huot
4:15 Private T. Bjornson
5:05 Gunner J.E. Hart


Houchin British Cemetery

1:20 Ferdinand de Sencho
1:40 Private George Edward Hobson
1:55 Musketeer Wilhelm Huchtmann
2:10 Schütze Bernhard Stett 
2:40 Driver J. Ellam
3:10 Private Ernest Roy Wilton


Hersin Communal Cemetery Extension

1:10 Lieutenant Evan Ryrie
1:30 Major A.R. Bawden
1:45 Australian Tunnelers
2:05 Lance Corporal David D. Clark
2:30 Soldat L. Bissonnette
3:25 Private A.S. Rix
4:25 Sapper G.G.G. Chapman
4:30 Sapper C.H. Abbott
5:10 S/Lieutenant Henri Grossemy


Stump Road Cemetery

0:45 Private J.J. Smollen & Private P.L. Krell
1:55 Second Lieutenant D.S. Webb & Private R.P. Myers
3:00 Corporal H. Jarrett & Unknown Canadian Private
3:45 Private S. Young & Private S. Cook

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