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About this blog

Royal Artillery topics

Information and topics relating to the Gunners of the Royal Horse Artillery, Royal Field Artillery, and the Royal Garrison Artillery during the First World War. 

As I meander through research, battlefield tours and contributions to the GWF Forum, certain topics arise an interest which I record here. 


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3.7 inch Mountain Howitzer Mule loads

The 3.7inch howitzer was introduced in 1917 and deigned to be transported by pack animals. 3.7in QF Mountain Howitzer  It would see action in Palestine, Mesopotamia, East Africa, and post Armistice, in Russia and on the North West Frontier of India. 3. 7 inch mountain howitzers on pack mules, Sadleir-Jackson Brigade, Troitsa, 1919. The mountain howitzer broke down in to eight mule loads. Additional mules carried ammunition, gun stores, signalling equipment, with spa


ianjonesncl in Guns and Equipment

9.2 inch Howitzer "Mother"

One of the most iconic of artillery equipments that saw action in World War One was the 9.2 inch howitzer. It's influence was such that it was chosen as the weapon system to symbolise the Gunners during the conflict on the Royal Artillery Memorial. RA Memorial Hyde Park - Northumbrian Gunner meanderings - The Great War (1914-1918) Forum (greatwarforum.org) The prototype 9.2 inch howitzer, which became known as 'Mother', fired the first round on operations 1st November 1914. The ho


ianjonesncl in Guns and Equipment

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