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  • keithmroberts

    How NOT to use blogs

    By keithmroberts

    This area is not for queries but for ongoing blogs. if you want to ask for help, please go to the appropriate sub-forum in the main part of the GWF. You have been asked to make your first post in a specified location. Once you have done that, your query can be raised in the various sections of the forum. If you previously posted a request for help or information in this area, it is likely to be deleted at some point in the next few weeks or months. So if you have a reply, please make a note of it, If not, can you re-post it in the appropriate part of the forum, which is likely to get you a quick response. Keith Roberts for the GWF team

WO364 Missorts

I have been working with Doogal on the creation of database which lists all of the Service Records that can be found in the WO364 Missort Files. This, hopefully, should greatly assist any Pal who is performing a search of the WO364 series. At the moment I have almost completed the file WO364/5803 and Doogal is working on 5804. Once all this work is done we will be asking Chris Baker to format the database for use on the Forum. I will keep this information regularly updated. PJ




21st London Regiment

I have photographed all the Medal Rolls for the 21st London Regiment with a view to creating a database of all those who served in the Regiment during WW1. I am now adding the Silver Wound Badge Roll to these but this is taking a little time as they are spread throughout the SWB Lists. I will post updates as I go along. PJ